The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an unprecedented economic crisis that heavily affects the textile and apparel industry worldwide. Textile companies to minimize the crisis are trying to communicate more with customers and presenting their products during the Corona era by conducting various webinars.
Webinars are the best and amazing way to have a connection with hundreds of people virtually. The webinar aims to provide the specialist with a platform to keep informed with the latest developments in textile manufacturing by sharing relevant and new information from expert sources. The audience can also ask questions and get real-time feedback on the training. To attend a webinar, the customer has to register, put the date in her calendar, set aside time for the event and show up at the right time.
VDMA and most of its members provide different webinars in various fields of textiles and focus on sustainable products. As a part of the textile company’s commitment to connecting with their customers, almost all the webinars are free to watch. Prosperous textile journal encourages you to spread the word to your colleagues in other textile fields.
Amin Meftahi
Amin Meftahi
Managing Director

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