Industry 4.0 is the future of textile manufacturing technologies

Manufacturing operations have been transformed from traditional production into intelligent production. Increasing the quality, decreasing the dependence of labor, customized production and most importantly green production lead manufacturers toward Industry 4.0 which is based on the integration of system components and the digitalization of manufacturing/service operations. Industry 4.0 combines the new technologies to enhance production efficiency. Large data analysis and intelligent sensing technology to automate the monitoring of plant inventory, demand and equipment failure that is well suited for maintenance management.
Automation and Digitization are two significant issue in Industry 4.0 that almost all manufacturers are looking for it. There are a lot of companies changed their system to enhance the productivity, increasing asset utilization, reduce defects, and reducing supply chain volatility.
On the other hands some companies due to lack of professional human resource and improving efficiency are moving toward automation and digitalization. European textile companies are pioneer in industry automation and digitization of textile industry.
Therefore, an Industry 4.0 automated monitoring system will properly maintain and manage all production processes and immediately monitor and record all production process data. It is the future of manufacturing technologies and is increasingly important trend of automation and data exchange.
Amin Meftahi
Managing Director

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