Corona, a window of opportunity toward sustainable industry

Textile and garment are one of the most significant industry which have been strongly affected by COVID-19. Falling the supply and demand, canceling orders, delaying shipments, home-based workers, social protection, and governmental mandated lockdown caused severe economic crises all over the world. The scale and impacts of the virus could not have been foreseen. The economic shocks have led to the global financial crisis which collapsed the demand for garment; Thus, these phenomena directly affected the worker’s wage.

On the other hand, COVID-19opens a new window toward employing full power of online conferences for maintenance, service and installation. Furthermore, the so-called webinar is an ongoing program ensuring a safe platform for business in this situation and allow companies to share best practice. Some countries commence the technology webtalks with the experts to answer the participants’ questions for different sections of the textile industry.

It is undeniably true that textile and garment value chains need a thorough change which not only makes more sustainable textile sector, but also a more resilient one which can easier overcome such challenges in the future.

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