TCO 21: The next generation comber machine

Comber machines from Trützschler are already trusted by customers across the textiles industry
and around the globe. Now, a state-of-the-art new design is building on this track record to boost
productivity, ensure quality and support increased automation: Meet the TCO 21!

Higher productivity. Better quality. Less waste. The search for continuous improvement in the textile
industry never ends. That’s why innovators at Trützschler never stop exploring fresh ways of optimizing
combing performance. The TCO 21 is the latest milestone in our long history of driving progress for spinners around the globe. It leverages market-proven designs and technologies from Trützschler to offer next-level performance and an expanded range of features that give our customers a decisive advantage over their competitors.

The state-of-the-art TCO 21 from Trützschler offers a range of easy-to-use features that boost productivity and quality.
Powerful productivity and raw material savings
One of the key benefits of the TCO 21 is its advanced processing speed. This next-generation combing
machine is able to produce at a rate of up to 600 nips per minute. This puts it at the very top of the market, offering best-in-class productivity. To increase this even further, the TCO 21 can perfectly be coordinated with Trützschler’s highly economical JUMBO CANS (Ø 1.200 mm). They not only reduce yarn defects due to fewer piecings which leads to quality improvements, but also offer a significantly higher efficiency because of their larger dimensions. This, for example, has positive effects on the number of necessary cans and can transports – and results in lower personnel costs.

Excellent yarn quality
The TCO 21 comes with COUNT MONITORING as standard. This feature makes it possible for the machine operator to define limits for count variations via an easy-to-use display. Trützschler’s DISC MONITOR system of sensors measures the count continuously, and the machine alerts the operator and switches off if the limit is exceeded. In addition, the COUNT MONITORING function also includes spectrogram analysis.
Customers can further strengthen their focus on quality by choosing to add the COUNT CONTROL function to the TCO 21. It is managed via the same easy-to-use display, and offers automatic sliver count
measurement, as well as spectrogram analysis. On top of this, it automatically regulates the main draft
during production to balance count variations and ensure the desired sliver count. This feature is particularly attractive for customers who manufacture blends of cotton and synthetic, as it can also be used to avoid variations in the overall yarn composition.

The DISC MONITOR system measures the count continuously.

The T-LED display provides visual indications of the machine’s status over a large distance.

Automatic optimization
The TCO 21 joins the TCO 12 from Trützschler as the only combing machines on the market that offer an
automatic PIECING OPTIMIZER technology that finds the right piecing setting without a single laboratory
test because of two functions: First by adjusting the piecing time in the combing cycle (timing function) .
Whereas the resetting of the detaching point (piecing time) is usually a very time-consuming task, it now
takes only a few minutes and is performed automatically at a push on a button. Second the customer is
helped to select specific detaching curve types (curve function) for their unique requirements.

Easy operation
The TCO 21 is simple to operate and maintain. The SMART TOUCH display is fast and intuitive, and a
Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) sensor quickly identifies each user and adapts the information on
the display to their individual needs. The multi-colored T-LED display provides visual indications of the
machine’s status or quality parameters over large distances which enables the operator recognizing them at a glance in the entire spinning mill. The TCO 21 is built with original Trützschler electronics that ensure
The DISC MONITOR system measures top-class performance and durability: Our intelligent cooling system, that has already proven itself in the draw frame TD 10, contributes to a longer service life by reducing the operating temperature of electronic power components. Even if components have to be replaced at some point, the customer can keep his spare parts inventory small because he can switch also electronics spare parts flexibly between different machine types, e.g. cards and draw frames. The option to add an automatic greasing function perfectly completes the easy operation of the TCO 21.
The TCO 21 marks an exciting step forward in the constant journey toward more effective spinning
processes. With its impressive range of modern and easy-to-use automated features, the machine is able
to boost productivity and quality, while empowering operators to customize and optimize performance
quickly and easily. It’s the latest innovation that builds on Trützschler’s tradition of providing state-of-the art spinning preparation machines that give our customers a competitive advantage. And it’s now available for sales around the world.

About Trützschler
The Trützschler Group SE is a German textile machinery manufacturer headquartered in
Mönchengladbach, Germany. The company is divided into four business units: Spinning, Nonwovens, Man-Made Fibers, and Card Clothing. Trützschler machines, installations and accessories are produced in nine locations worldwide. This includes four factories in Germany (Dülmen, Egelsbach, Mönchengladbach, Neubulach), as well as production sites in China (Jiaxing and Shanghai), India (Ahmedabad), the USA (Charlotte) and Brazil (Curitiba). The company also operates a development location in Switzerland (Winterthur). Its service centers in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Vietnam provide customer proximity in key regions for the textile processing industry.

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