Mohan Spintex – fastest growing textile company in India invests in world class machinery

Founded in 2005, Mohan Spintex India Ltd. (MSIL) is one of the fastest growing textile companies in India in the last decade. Sudhakar Chowdary, the young and dynamic managing director, has led Mohan Spintex with a vision through its exponential growth to become the second-largest textile company from Andhra Pradesh. By the turn of this decade the company will be without doubt among the top with a large global presence.

With 4,500 employees and a yearly turnover of $0.134 billion, Mohan Spintex’s product portfolio includes cotton, blends of cotton with polyester, viscose, modal, linen and lyocell fabric. The weaves include percale, satin, twill, damask stripe, pin stripe, dobby and jacquard. In the home textile segment Mohan Spintex offers a variety of products from flat sheets over mattress protectors to comforter shells. The company offers end-to-end solution for BCI cotton, organic cotton, Egyptian cotton and Supima cotton products. The Mohan group produces for leading Indian fabric & garment manufacturers such as Welspun, Himatsingka, Indo count, Mafatlal etc. while it also exports to leading fabric and garment manufacturers all over the world, mainly the United States, European Union and China.

The company attaches great importance to the quality of its products. This is reflected not only in an excellent machine park but also in the in-house laboratory, where the most modern testing equipment is located. Efficiency and effectiveness are key factors of Mohan’s success which translates in ISO certifications and 5S workplace organization. Mohan Spintex complies with sustainability and social certificates like GOTS, ÖKOTEX, Egyptian Cotton, WRAP, SEDEX and more.

For processing, Mohan Spintex has invested from 2018 to 2020 in world-class machinery for their finishing department which comprises now five machines in total. In 2020 the company installed two Brückner machines. The Brückner POWER-COLORTHERM continuous dyeing range is an oil-heated machine with 3,200 millimeter working width, one dyeing padder, one ECO-STEAM unit, an infrared dryer and respectively a cooling zone in the entry and the exit. The second machine is an oil-heated POWER-FRAME tenter with 8 chambers, horizontal transport chain and highest drying capacity.

The extremely homogeneous air volume and temperature distribution due to countered thermo zones and the proven split-flow air circulation system were decisive for the customer. The maintenance-friendly components, such as the virtually lubrication-free horizontal transport chain with combined clip and pin bar fabric transport and the width adjustment spindles, help to save production costs. Especially the exactly reproducible finishing results due to full automation as well as recipe management of the line are much appreciated.

Mohan Spintex appreciates the good reliability of Brückner’s 100-percent made in Germany machinery and the low power consumption as well as the technological advantage and the excellent after-sales service.

Vallabhaneni Sudhakar Chowdary, MD of Mohan Spintex, said: “We are very much satisfied for the investment made with Brückner because they delivered high quality technology and metallurgy. The Brückner CDR and stenter brings us energy savings. The machines are also delivering consistent quality fabrics with better productivity and less breakdowns. The cooperation with Brückner was excellent in terms of after sales service and spare parts.”

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