The new Goller Knit Merc for perfect dyeing results

At ITMA 2019 in Barcelona from June 20-26th, Goller, a member of the CHTC FONG’S International Group, will introduce the new Knit Merc for achieving the highest quality mercerization of knitted fabrics at the lowest tension and with under 3% variation in dimensional stability with high grade fabrics, for perfect dyeing results every time.

Mercerization is an essential textile finishing step for all cotton and cellulosic fibre-based fabrics in order to improve dye uptake and tear strength while reducing fabric shrinkage and imparting a silk-like lustre to the materials.

The Knit Merc is the result of intensive R&D developments at Goller and follows the successful introduction to the market of the company’s Sintensa Cyclone drum washing compartments for achieving the highest washing efficiency at the lowest tension.

The Knit Merc being exhibited at ITMA 2019 can accommodate 8.4 metres of fabric in its impregnation compartment and a further four metres in its first chain section to achieve a production speed of 25m/min at 30 seconds dipping time.

It is designed for dry-on-wet mercerizing, either cold or hot, and is equipped with an inlet combination of scroll and slat rollers for fabric guidance, a Tandematic uncurler in front of a rubberized de-airing roller and a grooved 320mm bottom roller with 320mm and 600mm perforated upper drums.

It benefits from automatic tension regulation and the low liquor content is ensured by the integrated lye tank and automatic circulation and filtration units.

An 8-ton high efficiency squeezer is stationed at the exit before the chain section and a 5-ton squeezer at the exit of the chain field.

Further fabric control and stability is provided by a cast iron pin chain with automatic optical and mechanical sensors, the Tandematic uncurler, an overfeed device and a driven belt arrangement for fabric support.


Perfect combination

The Knit Merc combines easily with the high efficiency Goller Sintensa Cyclone drum washing compartment with its Cyclone Rotor specially designed to create an adjustable under-pressure, for optimised fabric transport, the highest washing efficiency and minimised elongation.

Goller was founded by Fritz Goller in Schwarzenbach, Germany in 1899 and since 1948, has been designed and manufactured wet finishing ranges to the global market

In 2006, Goller became a member of CHTC FONG’S International and has continued to increase its market share while benefiting from international manufacturing and sales support.

Now based at Schwäbisch Hall in Germany, as part of FONG’s Europe, Goller offers a wide number of wet finishing ranges for woven and knitted fabrics, from the desizing and spun oil washing stage to final washing. These are all designed to enable users to achieve the minimum level of resource consumption while optimising reproducibility and productivity and are tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

Goller and FONG’S Europe will be at stand D101 in Hall 2 at ITMA 2019.


Picture captions:

The new Goller Knit Merc will be displayed at ITMA 2019.
The new Goller Knit Merc will be displayed at ITMA 2019.

The new Goller Knit Merc will be displayed at ITMA 2019.

The Goller Sintensa Cyclone drum washing system.
The Goller Sintensa Cyclone drum washing system.

The Goller Sintensa Cyclone drum washing system.





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