Çukurova meeting of the textile industry will be held in Tüyap Adana

The final phase has been reached for the opening of the second Çukurova Textile and Ready-to-Wear Fair, the first of which was organized in 2020 and is the only special fair of the regional textile industry.
The fair will be opened on February 2, 2022 at Tüyap Adana Fair and Congress Center; with its wide product range from women’s, men’s and children’s ready-to-wear to fabric; from raw materials to accessories. After the fair’s successful results in 2020, the participating companies will be able to make commercial connections with invited industry professionals from Turkey and abroad for 4 days this year.
Closing the year 2020, the first of which was held, with an export value of 5 million dollars and a connection of approximately 20 million dollars, the textile industry in the region is full of excitement at the Çukurova 2nd Ready-to-Wear, Fabric, Subsidiary Industry and Accessories Fair. Sector professionals, who quickly took their places in Çukurova Textile and Ready-to-Wear Fair, expressed that they consider that this fair would make a significant contribution to the opening of the regional textile to the world. Tüyap Adana Fuarcılık A.Ş. and Ready-to-Wear Committee, which has completed researches on the fair and completed the infrastructure preparations in the last 2 years, considers that the sector, which has an important potential in the region, will gain positive momentum with the Çukurova 2nd Ready-to-Wear, Fabric, Subsidiary Industry and Accessories Fair.

An ever-growing industry
The numerical data of textile, which is one of the leading industries of the economy, also demonstrates the potential in Adana. Over 35 thousand companies operate in the Turkish ready-to-wear industry, which has managed to keep its share in ready-to-wear exports around 3 percent in the last 10 years and in addition, approximately 17 thousand people are employed in the mentioned industry. Especially the importers operating in the industry have started to give up on the Asian geography in recent years because of logistics and high costs and this situation has brought the geography of our country into the forefront, where there are well-balanced and good quality producers in terms of price and performance. The ready-to-wear and textile industry, which is growing every single day, will hold the most significant meeting of the region in Adana.

Interest of domestic and foreign procurement committees to the fair
In addition to the digital solutions developed by Tüyap, B2B preparations were completed by using conventional methods, and a purchasing committee of 200 people from 30 countries, mainly from the Turkic Republics, Europe, North Africa and Middle East through trade consultancy operating abroad, as well as chain store officials and e-commerce companies from the country were invited to the fair. The business connections to be made through bilateral negotiations at the fair are expected to contribute importantly to the export figures of the sector.

Safe fair environment
Tüyap, which channels the development of many industries from defense to packaging, from agriculture to construction, through the fairs it organizes, will elaborately take the COVID-19 precautions it applies at every fair, also at the Çukurova Textile and Ready-to-Wear Fair meeting. With those precautions, a safe fair environment will be provided for participants and visitors. The fair, which is prepared in order to host industry professionals from Turkey and all corners of the world, can be visited between 10.00 – 18.00 on 2-3-4 February 2022 and between 10.00 – 17.00 on 5 February 2022. For the visitors who want to experience contactless fairs, the detailed information will be accessible at https://www.cukurovahazirgiyimfuari.com and t

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