Original technology makes the difference

Original technology makes the difference

They cover nearly all different machinery chapters with a focus on spinning, nonwoven, weaving, knitting, warp knitting and finishing. The overall exhibition space occupied by German machinery manufacturers is more than 7,000 square meters, confirming Germany’s leading position among exhibiting foreign countries. The German exhibitors increased their booth space by approximately 15 % compared to 2016.

“Choose the original – Choose success” is the message of the VDMA Textile Machinery at this trade fair. On the occasion of the VDMA press conference on the opening day of ITMA ASIA, Ms Karin Christine Schmidt, Technical Director VDMA Textile Machinery, emphasised: “Copycat machines may look similar to the systems they are designed to emulate. But only originals do not simply follow but are pacesetters of technological progress.” Original technology is a keystone of innovation. It has the potential to successfully turn visions of entirely new possibilities in the textile production into reality.

This approach is visualised at the VDMA booth. The stand achieves attention and emotion through the picture motif: Neuschwanstein Castle. This world-famous tourist magnet is more than that: it is also a successful original. A vision, which could be successfully implemented in the long term through innovation and technology!

During the press conference, 18 spokespersons of renowned VDMA member companies showed how original technology can indeed play a major role in China’s and other Asian nation’s efforts to increase the resource efficiency of the textile industry and to interconnect information technology and manufacturing processes.

Topics of the companies included automation, performance improvement, quality, sustainable solutions (raw material, energy, water saving), Industry 4.0 (in China called intelligent manufacturing), digital AR/VR services, platforms and software.

Here are the statements of the speakers:

Antonia Gottschalk, Karl Mayer: “Digital solutions considerably extend the possibilities to enhance the efficiency of our customers‘ production processes. This is the reason why KARL MAYER set up its own software start-up company, as most important strategic step in this respect, namely the KARL MAYER Digital Factory. The newcomer’s main objective is a rapid and flexible development of efficient digital solutions for the clients‘ benefit, solutions which will be offered under the company’s own, new umbrella brand. The launch of the digital brand, the presentation of the entire solution portfolio and the demonstration of its first products will be highlights on KARL MAYER’s stand at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018.”

Stephan Kehry, Mahlo: “Mahlo: Efficiency and sustainability boost with Industry 4.0.“

Jürgen Hanel, Monforts: “Monforts is ahead of progress in the Internet of Things / Industry 4.0 Technology by using latest interface and visualization technology with slider function for machine operation. This system can also be connected to a so called WebUI where current production parameters are monitored on mobile devices via remote service. The proven teleservice is also based on remote service, updated and extended to predictive maintenance possibilities helping to reduce machine standstill. Furthermore, the energy consumption can be improved by automatic optimization of machine parameters.”

Dr. Dirk Burger, Trützschler: “An efficient raw material utilisation is no luxury. On the contrary; it is a prerequisite for economic operation. The optical WASTECONTROL sensors developed by Trützschler control the quality of the waste. Therefore, 0,5 – 1 % of good fibres can be saved – without neglecting the cleaning effect. This results in significant annual savings: With only 0.5 % waste savings, more than 100,000 US$ have already been saved on raw materials.”

André Imhof, Autefa Solutions: “Our customers expect true energy saving technology! Economic sustainability is an integral part of all our development efforts. Autefa Solutions V-Jet and Square Drum Dryer SQ-V supports customers to keep or extend their leadership in the highly competitive Spunlace market.”

Marcel Moser, Küsters Textile: “Efficiency in production is like the interest rate on your bank account. The higher the more.”

Michael Tuschak, Mayer & Cie.: “We are the first manufacturer to have dared to merge spinning, cleaning and knitting in one machine. That brings about several advantages, both from the environmental and process technology perspective.”

Marcus Reichardt, Groz-Beckert: “In terms of profitability/productivity and environment the litespeed® plus needle stands for cost reduction, significantly increased efficiency and a reduced CO2 footprint. In detail this can result in reduced power consumption, machine temperature and oil consumption, and can enable maximum possible machine speeds. Morover the litespeed® plus needle can lead to an optimized lubrication behavior. All these benefits are independent of the machine direction.”

Gunnar Meyer, Brückner: “Zero emissions in our new production plant – zero emissions in your machine.”

Martin Küppers, Saurer: “Chinese Market is the largest spinning market in the world.

Therefore Saurer has brought an abundance of innovations along the textile value chain to ITMA Asia. Innovations in automation, in intelligent solutions and for improved yarn and sliver quality.

Kindly visit us in Hall 1 booth F01 and let our specialists show you these in detail.”

Wilhelm Langius, Neuenhauser: “Automation + Industry 4.0: For increasing demands for flexible and efficient production in textile mills, Neuenhauser offers customized automation solutions focussing on industry 4.0.”

André Wissenberg, Oerlikon Manmade Fibers: “We want to become the textile machinery construction trendsetter for digital technologies. The first steps on this journey have already been taken. The Plant Operation Center (POC) for process monitoring enables the collation of existing production data in a central location and to make these data available. HMI based services such as process monitoring via a service online app on smart phones and tablets were introduced as well as an assistance system based on mixed-reality glasses (Microsoft HoloLens). The system supports predictive maintenance concepts and enables virtual 360-degree tours through spinning systems.”

Guillaume Julien / Arnaud Laroche, Andritz: “With the ANDRITZ air-through-bonding technology customers pave the way for top-class hygiene nonwovens”

Dr. Stefan Fliescher, Textechno: “Quality control systems monitoring the complete production chain are one of the major factors of efficient plant management in the textile process. Textechno’s automatic testing systems for natural and synthetic fibres as well as spun- and filament yarns are essential basics for an optimised production process. This flexibility and the combination of several test methods in one tester minimises raw material waste, ensures highest productivity, proves the quality of your products and hence grants economic benefits.”

Benjamin Ziel, Weko: “Since 65 years WEKO provides solutions to apply liquids and powders contactless without waste. Weko offers to his customers the results of constant development, bringing modern solutions for actual requirements. Fabrics with low added value and also high technical webs benefits from our technologies, reducing customers process costs and increasing competitiveness by the Triple C Effect: Contact free application (as less as possible), Chemical savings (exactly where they are needed) bringing Cost reduction (as well a production increase).

In synergy to the solutions by applying fluids, Weko provides also a waste reduction by reducing the waste at the selvedge cutting process. in this way WEKO consolidates itself as a company where sustainability is written in capital letters, giving its customers the certainty that they are doing the best for their company and for the world.”

Dr. Janpeter Horn, Herzog: “Quality, innovation and reliability as reasons to choose the original – Original German Braiding to rely on”.

William Ou, Kaeser Kompressoren: “Air compressors are widely used in industries as general machinery. Air compressors are also high-energy-consuming equipment, its energy consumption accounts for more than 25% of the total power consumption of the enterprise. Most air compressor systems in China are high energy consumption, low efficient and low reliability, which also means huge potential for energy saving. As the largest and most successful air compressor manufacturer in Germany, with the innovative and efficient air compressor energy saving solutions, KAESER will help Chinese industry reduce energy consumption and achieve low-carbon and environmental protection.”

Anda Sun, Lenze: “The textile producers are increasingly requesting digitalised machines and services from the OEMs. We expect that in 5 years, more than 80 percent of all machines will be communicating with the cloud. Lenze already supports the OEMs with industry-proven IIoT solutions today – but goes even further towards a holistic digital value stream.”

Original technology at ITMA ASIA + CITME – VDMA booth in hall 1
The VDMA booth (H1F57) is the first contact point for visitors interested in original technology. E.g. visitors get a compact overview of manufacturers and their products in the useful pocket guide, listing all exhibiting VDMA members by halls and showing their stand location in hall plans.


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