Latest THEN hydraulic round shape developments at ITMA 2023

High-quality dyeing results with minimal water, energy and chemicals result from the advanced features of the THEN Smartflow TSF which Fong’s Europe will be outlining at the forthcoming ITMA 2023 exhibition in Milan from June 8-14.

These include the machine’s smart fabric transport system which ensures extremely even dyeing of the fabric through accurate control of the nozzle pressure and pump power, with movement through the machine via an PLC-controlled plaiting system and variable chamber adjustment depending on fabric characteristics.

The machine is equipped with a heat exchanger enabling it to heat the dyeing liquor quickly and efficiently, to reduce energy consumption. Its bath preparation unit and chemical dosing system ensure accurate and precise dosing of chemicals, dyestuff and salt, reducing chemical waste and optimising results while reducing process times.

The Smartflow TSF operates with a low liquor ratio of down to 1:2.5 with full loading of synthetic fabrics, which means that it requires less water to dye a given amount of fabric compared to traditional dyeing machines. This not only reduces the consumption of water and steam, but also the amount of wastewater generated.

The machine’s control panel is easy to use, allowing operators to programme and monitor processes with ease.

The THEN Smartflow TSF is the only reel-less round shape machine on the market and its closed loop regulation and digitalised system manages the fabric transport without a winch. It reduces the power consumption and the tension of sensitive elastic fabrics and its design results in a low lifting height for the highest relaxation of stretch and elastane fabrics.

“We take the global green deal seriously and analyze production and working processes for their environmental impact,” says Fong’s Europe Director of Sales and Marketing Richard Fander. “The chambers of the Smartflow TSF can accommodate variable loads in terms of both weight and material type down to 40kg for extremely flexible processing, and each unit can be equipped with up to six chambers, in order to fully maximise productivity, while taking up to 40% less floor space than competing systems. Overall, the machine is a reliable and efficient solution for textile dyeing that can help textile manufacturers reduce their environmental impact while improving their processes.”

Fong’s Europe, a German company of the CHTC Fong´s Group, is at stand B106 in Hall 18 at ITMA 2023.

The THEN Smartflow TSF.

Richard Fander, Sales and Marketing Director,
Fong’s Europe
Milchgrundstrasse 32
74523 Schwäbisch Hall,
Tel: +49(0)791 403 116

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